The first Wales Ironman event was held on 11 September 2011 in Tenby which is a small Welsh seaside town in Pembrokeshire. Over 1500 men and women battled with some very extreme conditions as the Welsh coast was hit with the tail end of an Atlantic Hurricane.

Herbalife the worlds leading nutritional company asked athletes from around Europe to trial Herbalife 24 the new sports nutrition range.

Herbalife 24 sports nutrition range consists of 5 products designed for the 24 hour athlete or anyone leading a healthy active lifestyle.

James Davies (photo below) was one of over 700 people that trialled the products. He's a member of the South Wales Police Triathlon team and completed the event with a personal best time of 14 hours and 12 minutes (including transition)

Swim - 2.38 miles / 3.8 km = 1 hour 1 minute

Bike - 112.5 miles / 180 km = 7 hours 18 minutes

Run - 26.3 / 42.1 km = 5 hours 12 minutes

James said "Using the Herbalife24 range was a fantastic aid in training and competing in this event, I found the Herbalife 24 Formula 1 Sport and particularly the Herbalife24 Rebuild Endurance a massive help. I found my ability to train longer and harder was increased and my recovery after each session was vastly improved. I would recommend the entire product range but especially these two products."

 Click on this link to register and buy Herbalife 24 sports nutrition products

Huge congratulations to James, the South Wales Tri Team and everyone that competed in the first Ironman at Tenby.  Information and photograph of James supplied by 24Sportstv -   another great Herbalife 24 website !

The overall winner of the Tenby Ironman race was Frenchman Jeremy Jurkiewicz who completed the event in in 9hrs 4 minutes.

The winner of the women's race was German Kristin Moeller 10.1 minute.

It is hoped the event, which has been supported by the Welsh Government, will become a permanent fixture.

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