Rachael Cadman sponsored by Herbalife sets a World Record for the Enduroman Arch2Arc Challenge

Flight Lieutenant Rachael Cadman, sponsored by Herbalife sets a world record for the Enduroman Arch2Arc Challenge, she is the first woman ever to complete the challenge.

Rachael set off on Friday afternoon from Marble Arch and crossed the Champs Elysees finish line on Tuesday afternoon, 97 hours and 37 minutes later.

The event involved an 87-mile run from London to Dover, a 23-mile Channel swim and a 187-mile cycle from Calais to the Arc de Triomphe.

Only seven men have ever completed the challenge and the record is 81 hours.

Rachael was raising money for "Help for Heroes" and "Shelter Box" both incredible causes.  If you would like to donate here are the links:

www.justgiving.com/rachaelcadman   (Help for Heroes)

www.justgiving.com/rachaelcadmanshelterbox  (Shelter Box)

Listen to Rachael's interview with Radio 5 Live breakfast this morning

Also watch the video below - many congratulations Rachael, what a fantastic achievement !

To see what Herbalife products Rachael uses - here is an extract from the interview with Herbalife Today Magazine

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