Vote for Sebastian Copeland and Eric McNair-Landry Polar Explorers – 6 days to go !!

This year in Antarctica, Sebastian Copeland and Eric McNair-Landry completed the first east-west transcontinental crossing of the ice sheet. They covered the 4,100 kilometers in 82 days, using only human generated and wind energy.

Sebastian's uses Herbalife 24 sports nutrition - see video below.

They smashed 3 Polar records:

  • first to reach the Pole of Inaccessibility from the east coast without outside assistance.

  • first to reach the geographic South Pole from the Pole of Inaccessibility and thereby opening a 880-kilometer new route

  • first time that east coast was linked to west coast and all was done with only human generated and wind energy.

Make Sebastian your Epic TV Adventurer of the year by voting now, 6 days to go, voting finishes 23 January. I've already cast my vote ! Fantastic achievement to both of you.


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Herbalife 24 Sports Nutrition at the Los Angeles Triathlon December 2011

The Herbalife 24 product range has everything you need to train and complete triathlons, or any major endurance event. Train harder, faster, for longer, recover quicker and feel good on Herbalife 24 Sports Nutrition.  Top up your energy levels before the race with Herbalife 24 Formula 1 Sport which is a complete healthy meal for athletes and then throughout the race take Herbalife 24 Prolong to sustain athletic performance as well as Herbalife 24 Hydrate for advanced hydration.

Herbalife will be sponsoring the Los Angeles Triathlon from 2012 – 2016 read more....

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Team Herbalife Wheelbase the British Cycling Racing Team are now training on Herbalife 24 Sports Nutrition

Neil Taylor – the Herbalife/Wheelbase Team Manager says

“The team are now training on Herbalife 24, which includes Rebuild Endurance, Rebuild Strength, Formula 1, Prolong and Hydrate."

 "The road season has now finished and the team finished 4th and the 3156 are points gained in the full race season, the ranking chart will be reset in December, the team are now back in training ready for the 2012 season starting in March. "

"We shall shortly be announcing the new team line up, new kit design, and bikes etc, and a new website is also now under construction.”

Here's an action shot of some of the Herbalife Wheelbase Team in full Herbalife kit, as well as a photo of the youngest member of the team Jack, who's a junior rider,  he's also the son of former Commonwealth Games Medalist Gary Sadler.  Jack is definitely following in his father's footsteps with the ability to sprint !!


 Jack's profile

 Both photographs were provided by Ian McVety at Citrus Images

Herbalife 24 Mega Weekend UK featuring Neil Anderson Winner of NI NABBA First Timers

At the Herbalife 24 Mega Sporting Event held at Windsor UK last weekend, Neil Anderson winner of the NI NABBA First Timers gave his personal testimonial on how he uses Herbalife products in training and in competition to lose FAT and GAIN MUSCLE.  For the NI NABBA First Timers, he got down to below 3% body fat !

Neil says" In Northern Ireland Champs body fat 2.6%, body weight 14 stone 12lbs.  At the British Champs four weeks later - body fat just over 2%, body weight 15 stone 2lbs."

The Herbalife products Neil uses, is now a mixture of the older products, plus the new Herbalife 24 Sports Nutrition range - details to follow.

Neil's testimonial before Herbalife 24

The NI NABBA First Timers results

Herbalife 24 Hydrate Sports Nutrition Supplement now available in UK

Here are the details of the Herbalife 24 Hydrate Sports Nutrition Supplement which is now available in the UK.

Hyrdate is a  low calorie hyptonic electrolyte drink for rapid fluid restoration. Whatever your sport,  can be taken any time of day – morning, afternoon or evening during your workout, or even at night to keep hydrated.

  • Hydration anytime, for anyone

  • 100% RDA of the antioxdant vitamin C

  • Contains electrolytes, sodium, calcium and magnesium for rapid body fluid restoration

  • Low calorie and sugar free

  • Source of energy supporting B vitamins including B1 and B12

The label details:


Check which Herbalife 24 products you need for your sport

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Team Herbalife Wheelbase are in 4th position in BCF National Road and Track League

Team Herbalife Wheelbase has had a brilliant cycling season moving up to 4th position in the British Cycling National Road and Track league.

Meet the Team

Results so far

2011 National Club Road & Track
1    Rapha Condor Sharp    North West    4067
2    Motorpoint Pro Cycling    West Midlands    3881
3    Cyclepremier.com – Metaltek    East Midlands    3284
4    Herbalife/Wheelbase.co.uk    North West    3156
5    Team RaleighEast     Midlands    3135
6    Felt-Colbornes RT    South    3020
7    VC St Raphael    South    3017
8    Twenty3c-Orbea    Eastern    2926
9    Team Corley Cycles/Cervelo/Alpha R.C    Central    2783
10    Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling Team    South East    2666
11    Endura Racing    Headquarters2572
12    Wilier/Goselfdrive.com    South    2558
13    Primal Europe Powered By Rutrainingtoday/Bikechainricci    South West 2212
14    Hargroves Cycles-Specialized-Trant-Next-Elliott’s-GSI    South    2001
15    Pendragon – Le Col – Colnago    South West    1791

 Team Herbalife Wheelbase were formed in 2010

Herbalife products used by Team Herbalife Wheelbase in training and racing (before Herbalife 24)

Herbalife Formula 1 Protein Shake, Chocolate Protein Bars, Lift Off, H30 Pro Isotonic Drink, Niteworks, Formula 3 Personalised Protein Powder

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