Herbalife 24 Prolong the Sports Drink which Enhances Performance During Prolonged Exercise

Herbalife 24 Prolong enhances sports performance and speeds up recovery.  It comes in a citrus flavour and the pack size is 900 grams (UK).  This unique isotonic drink combines dual-sourced carbohydrates and whey protein isolate to enhance sports performance during prolonged exercise.

Enriched with vitamin c and b vitamins (including niacin and pantothenic acid) this drink helps maintain effective hydration and provides antioxidant protection, all in a light subtle citrus flavour.

How to use: mix 4 level scoops (60g ) with 250ml of water, shake vigorously, then add a further 250ml of water to make up to 500ml.  Drink 500ml per hour during physical exercise as pro-athletes can burn thousands of extra calories per day i.e. game of football 2000 calories, bike race 3000 calories !

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Herbalife 24 Hydrate Sports Nutrition Supplement now available in UK

Here are the details of the Herbalife 24 Hydrate Sports Nutrition Supplement which is now available in the UK.

Hyrdate is a  low calorie hyptonic electrolyte drink for rapid fluid restoration. Whatever your sport,  can be taken any time of day – morning, afternoon or evening during your workout, or even at night to keep hydrated.

  • Hydration anytime, for anyone

  • 100% RDA of the antioxdant vitamin C

  • Contains electrolytes, sodium, calcium and magnesium for rapid body fluid restoration

  • Low calorie and sugar free

  • Source of energy supporting B vitamins including B1 and B12

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