At the Herbalife 24 Mega Sporting Event held at Windsor UK last weekend, Neil Anderson winner of the NI NABBA First Timers gave his personal testimonial on how he uses Herbalife products in training and in competition to lose FAT and GAIN MUSCLE.  For the NI NABBA First Timers, he got down to below 3% body fat !

Neil says" In Northern Ireland Champs body fat 2.6%, body weight 14 stone 12lbs.  At the British Champs four weeks later - body fat just over 2%, body weight 15 stone 2lbs."

The Herbalife products Neil uses, is now a mixture of the older products, plus the new Herbalife 24 Sports Nutrition range - details to follow.

Neil's testimonial before Herbalife 24

The NI NABBA First Timers results