Herbalife24 Basecamp at the Leadville 100 is back

Herbalife24 Basecamp is back again this year for the Leadville 100 trail race - also  known as the " race across the sky."

Nate Whitman will be running the Herbalife24 Basecamp from start to finish and has competed in the Leadville 100 trail race for the past decade.  He's a very experienced mountain trail biker and has finished in the top ten on numerous occasions in this race.

The Leadville trail race starts on the weekend of 11 August.

Nate says about the race“Leadville is the measuring stick that all 100 milers are put up against. I’ve got a special relationship with the race, having stumbled upon it some ten years ago and grinding my way through those early finishes, to now placing in and around the top ten. I’ve learned some valuable lessons in all of those races, and look forward to helping riders prepare for the 2012 edition.”

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Nate Whitman Endurance Cyclist for Team Herbalife 24 is Interviewed before the Leadville 100

Nate's 10th attempt at the Leadville 100 - he's chasing the much desired giant 1000 mile buckle, let's hope he gets it - come on Team Herbalife !! 

The official on-course drink at Leadville is Herbalife 24 Prolong. It has a subtle, easy-to-drink flavour, plus provides all the carbohydrates and electrolytes your body needs to sustain during a race like Leadville.